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Sandpiper Records is a music label that produces music beyond ink on paper. We offer inspired and daring arrangements and new works from composers, Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. So think of Sandpiper as an instrument, as the avenue for you personally, whether you are the artist or listener alike, enjoy discovering new songs, new landscapes of sounds and stories of harmonies, once unsung, but now alive and sounding.

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Radiant, Sandpiper Records newest release is brilliant, full of joyful authentic fiddling, and just the perfect soundtrack blending musical storytelling with gorgeous orchestration. Composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez continue to bring forth rich and inspiring new music.

Magnificent by definition is something breathtaking, impressively beautiful, extravagant and glorious. Let Sandpiper Records newest, plugged-in release take you there. Soar with the majestic “lead” violin playing as Julianna Waller dramatically rocks this melody in its rich rhythmic landscape. Composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez deliver a spectacular and creative production in, Magnificent, elevating the plugged-in violin as a powerful musical force.

Slow dance with your partner as traditional country sounds meet the Sandpiper Records composers, Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez in, Sunset (A Southern Waltz), the label’s newest innovative release. Dobro, mandolin, simply sweet country fiddling with masterful production capture the heart of the Country Western slow dance in Sandpiper style.
It’s a sophisticated night downtown, city lights & jazz energize the scene in, Urban, Sandpiper Records newest plugged-in release by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. Trumpets, vibraphone, and a hot rhythm section set the stage for violinist Julianna Waller to exploit this cosmopolitan melody.

Travel back in time when tradition is cherished, pursued, and elegance abounds with couples young and old. The ideal love story unfolds as the elegant gentleman honors his fine lady in, Old Fashioned Love, Sandpiper Records newest release for violin, piano, and orchestra by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez.

Traverse the Universe as driving bass, keyboards, and electronic sounds supercharge the incredible lead melody of, Enchanted Electric, Sandpiper Records newest plugged-in release by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. In the spirit of today’s finest lead guitarists, Julianna Waller burns new paths for the modern violinist.

Who loves an adventure that is fantastic, imaginative, and full of majesty? Be taken to a mysterious world with, Enchanted, Sandpiper Records newest release by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. Check out the video!
Gator bites & hot sauce anyone? Taste a steamy summer eve in the deep South as a jam breaks out with blues fiddler, Queen Julie kickin’ off the leading riff, slides, sassy attitude and all things bluesy. Sandpiper Records showcases a teaser of what is to come with Queen Julie, the fourth in the series of Soliloquies by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. So, move with this innovative morsel of sound in the form of open musical expression as the players bring IT, in yet another groundbreaking release.
Be enthralled by Sandpiper Records hot new release, Red, composed by Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. With the suave of a tigress prowling under the light of the moon, this gorgeous jazz/fusion composition is spellbinding in its melodic content, lustrous groove, and other-worldly soloing. Violinist Julianna Waller enchants and allures thru sultry musical lines and untamed, red-hot improvisation. The incredible soloing sections inspired us to release 2 takes!
Isn’t it lovely? Yes, this new release by Sandpiper Records is indeed, Lovely. Composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez, celebrate a simple yet beautiful melody in this new music for violin, piano and orchestra. Listen and go deep into the musical character and its open-ended conclusion.

Sandpiper Records wishes you a happy 4th of July with two iconic, patriotic songs in true Sandpiper style! Enjoy this free download from composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez!

Holding nothing back, violinist Julianna Waller explodes on the scene as a formidable creative voice with Sandpiper Records new release, Soliloquy No. 3 (Preface, Statement, Epilogue) for unaccompanied violin. Intense, edgy, modern, all describe the extreme thematic battles that dominate and evolve over three movements. Amidst daring harmonic and aggressive improvisation, the main warm and pleasing theme is not overcome by dissonance and rhythmic tension but remains unwavering in its expression.
Triumph, Sandpiper Records victorious new release composed by Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez, takes the listener thru challenge and a season of effort and resolve for the path of self-actualization. Violinist Julianna Waller climbs the highest musical peaks with conviction, strength, and purpose of spirit; embracing the mountain top with arms outstretched in the giving and receiving of kindness.

Sandpiper Records presents, The Color of You, by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez. This spirited and joyful release is full of energetic fiddling with modern Celtic flavor in harmony with the magical beauty of lyricism our fans have come to expect.

Embrace, a monumental new release from Sandpiper Records by composers Julianna Waller & Carlos R Martinez, is the newest music of our times. Dare! Dare to listen deeply. From the gut of the soul, virtuoso violinist Julianna Waller expresses all of life’s pains from trauma, crisis, oppression and everything dark to embracing the victory and triumph of art realized as meaningful. Especially poignant and evident in the courageous unaccompanied violin track, this one-take, raw recording exposes ultimate inner forward movement; moving upward, like the fire of flying freely without limits, as God embraces.
Beyond ink on paper, violinist Julianna Waller’s emotive and dramatic interpretation of, Opus 27, Sandpiper Records newest release composed by Carlos R Martinez presents the listener with soaring melodic expression and introspective nuance.

It has been said “…those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” F. Nietzche

So, be swept off your feet as violinist Julianna Waller leads you through the exquisite musical lines and expressions in, Waltz for Violin and Orchestra, Sandpiper Records newest release composed by Carlos R Martinez.

Virtuoso violinist, Julianna Waller, brings to life Sandpiper Records newest release, Pixels. A work for violin and orchestra composed by Carlos R Martinez was literally inspired by “pixels”; those minute areas of illumination on a display screen which create an image.

The rhythmic melody takes unexpected twists, daring turns, and lyricism is soon taken away by blaring brass and over the top fun. Julianna Waller’s performance will bring an exhilarating smile!

Take flight with Sandpiper Records newest release, The Butterfly, a tone poem for violin and orchestra composed by Carlos R Martinez. From stillness emerges life; stretching, struggling and finding a way. Beating wings take flight into a wondrous world of color and simple glory. Violinist Julianna Waller expresses this delicate elegance and freedom as the ethereal melody unfolds. Watch the video: https://sandpiperrecords.bandcamp.com/video
Experience the weight of the soul’s innermost expressions in, Soliloquies for Violin by Julianna Waller and Carlos R Martinez, Sandpiper Records newest release. Julianna Waller shares the depth of personal realization through intense, organic expression as lyricism, harmonic dissonance, and rhythmic flow reveal inner exploration; the liberation of emotional nuance and tension. Like an unedited journal entry from the soul, the defiant final chord takes the one that listens to their own conclusion.
Sandpiper Records release, American Soundscape No. 1 for solo violin, piano and orchestra by Carlos R Martinez dynamically presents the newest music of our times. Its epic beauty and intensity inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, presents two powerful themes majestically adapted, interpreted, and performed by violinist, Julianna Waller. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost
Sandpiper Records brings you, Festival, composed by Carlos R Martinez. A playful melody featured on mandolin, bandoneon, and clarinet takes you on a stroll through streets adorned with local fine art, traditional cuisine and the sounds of the city coming alive one fine afternoon.

Waller-Martinez flex their heavy metal prowess in Sandpiper Records new release, Lone Rider.

Brilliant composer Carlos R Martinez takes the listener through a vast emotional landscape with his intriguing opening theme, virtuosic fire and passion, and heart and lyricism in, Legend, Sandpiper Records new release.
Carlos R Martinez captures the flavors of his homeland with Nicaraguano, Soundscape No. I, Sandpiper Records new release. The warm tone of the guitar, rhythmic and beautiful melodic lines, percussiveness of the Cajón and bass, and playfulness of the accordion paint a rich picture of the Nicaraguan folklore tradition.

Violinist Julianna Waller, explores the depths of the heart’s sorrow in, Lament, a Tone Poem, Sandpiper Records newest release composed by Carlos R Martinez. This devastatingly emotional melody takes the listener through the passion of grief and eventually to a brighter feeling of acceptance, reflection, and hope.

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Sandpiper Records brings you, The Wedding, composed by Carlos R Martinez. Julianna Waller, with her unique artistry blending folk and classical violin techniques, unveils this lovely melody as storyteller of a beautiful day to remember.

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Bluegrass Breeze, a new release from Sandpiper Records, is a tune that celebrates freedom. It will take you on an adventure as acoustic sounds meet the creative vision of acclaimed musicians Julianna Waller and Carlos R Martinez.

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A fiddle, mandolin, guitar, accordion, and an upright bass walk into…a vintage tune. And just like that, champion fiddler Julianna Waller blends Americana fiddling with her deep European roots in this rendition of, Oh Lonesome Home. … 

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Close your eyes and imagine a bird take flight, turn, dive and play with the wind as Julianna Waller, in her signature style of artistic storytelling spins the adventures of Like a Bird – a Tone Poem, composed by Carlos R Martínez.

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We are excited to announce our “new music” release, Petite Chanson for violin and piano, composed by Carlos R Martinez and beautifully performed by Julianna Waller.

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In the Summer of 1888, Edward Elgar and Alice Roberts were engaged to get married. Alice wrote a poem to Elgar and he in turn wrote her a song, “Love’s Greeting”; today known as “Salute d’amour”. The following year they were wed at the Brompton Oratory in South Kensington, England.

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Christmas Time, an album for the 2018 holidays, featured Julianna “plugged in” to rock out the electric guitar sounds on Carol of the Bells.



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